Japanese Hair Straightening Questions and Answers

How It Works

Japanese Hair Straightening typically will improve the hair’s feel, softness and shine while making it more manageable!

The Straightening is performed as follows:

  1. Assessing the hair type and condition.
  2. Washing the hair.
  3. Applying protein to the hair, if necessary for the particular customer and hair type. (small extra charge for this procedure, if you don’t do this when necessary, you could end up with a less than satisfactory result, the stylist will tell you if this is necessary or not in your consultation)
  4. Applying Solution #1 (this cuts the hair’s “Cystine Bonds” – the bonds that hold curl or wave patterns).
  5. Testing to see when the hair is ready to have Solution #1 rinsed out.
  6. Rinsing the hair.
  7. Eliminating some excess moisture in the hair (blow-drying to a certain point).
  8. Ironing the hair in extremely small sections with a special Japanese Straightening Iron that reaches temperatures of 180 degrees Celsius. Don’t worry, this will not damage your hair unnecessarily.
  9. Applying Solution #2 to the hair after ironing is completed.
  10. Rinsing the hair and conditioning.
  11. Drying the hair and applying a flat iron to remove excess moisture if necessary.