Guidelines for Care of Hair Extensions

  1. Do not shampoo for two days after your hair extension service.
  2. Never sleep with wet hair extensions.
  3. Use only hair care products recommended by your stylist. Do not use sulfur or dandruff shampoos. Use conditioning products on the mid shaft and ends of your hair extensions – never put it directly on the bonds.
  4. It is recommended that you gather you hair up in a soft scrunchie or loose braid before sleeping.
  5. Brush hair thoroughly 2-3 times daily with an approved hair extension brush. A comb may be used on the ends of the hair only.
  6. Curling irons, flat irons and hot rollers may be used but must be kept away from the hair extension bond. Use the coolest heat that will create that will create the look you want, Aver drying or using too much heat will cause damage and tangling.
  7. Always dry hair after any physical activity such as aerobics, gymnastics, steam saunas, etc., that causes the hair to be damp at the bond. Long periods of dampness can breakdown the bond.
  8. Wet hair in the shower before swimming in pools or salt water. Shampoo and dry hair as soon as possible after swimming
  9. Do not color or tint your hair at home. Certain tint and color products can break down the extension bonds.
  10. Schedule an appointment and come in two weeks after the initial service for a 15 minute checkup. For best results, come into the salon once a month for a 15 minute checkup.
  11. It is normal to lose a few hair extensions shortly after the service and then a few months later as the hair extensions grow out. If you lose a few pieces, bring them with you at your checkup. We need to examine them to see why they came out.
  12. Do not try to remove the extensions yourself. You will break your own hair! Removal can be done by the salon at $80 per half hour.