Beautiful, Natural Looking Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are not just for creating long luxurious hair anymore. They can thicken up thin hair without adding length and can add highlights or fantasy colors without the damage to your own hair caused by traditional bleaching agents.

Many people who get hair extensions have been unhappy with their thin, fine hair for their entire lives. Just because Mother Nature blessed you with less than perfect hair doesn’t mean you can’t get it without her help. With Hair Extensions you can have that hair you’ve always dreamed of!

Extensions that Last

Your hair extensions can last up to 6 months with proper care and we make sure you know all the extension hair care rules before you leave our salon. Extensions can be brushed, washed, blow-dried, straightened, and curled. If you treat your extension hair just as you would care for your own hair, your extensions will remain thick and luxurious..

Designed for You

We custom design every set of extensions for each of our clients’ individual hair needs. To ensure a perfect undetectable match , we custom blend several colors and choose from a variety of extension hair types, textures and wave patterns. The best part is you get that perfect color and texture you’ve always wanted while leaving your natural hair healthy.

Hair Friendly and Invisible.

A hair friendly keratin bond is used to attach each individual extension to your own hair shaft, near your scalp.Our hair extensions are made from 100% virgin remy hair, meaning the highest quality human hair.The color of the bond matches your hair color for a nearly invisible look. The keratin is also specifically shaped to bond to your hair in a simple healthy application. In fact, the bonds are so gentle we have successfully used this system to help people heal their hair that has been chemically damaged.

Totally Natural Look

Our system uses individual strands of hair (rather than a bulky weave), so your hair has free-flowing movement for easy management and a totally natural look. You can wear your hair extensions up in a ponytail or back from your face. You can wear it curly one day and straight the next. Styling your new extensions is limited only by your natural hairs length.

Free Consultations

Call today to schedule a FREE consultation. Your cost for extensions is based upon your existing hair length and the density and desired length of your new extensions. If your hair is short or very thick you will need more extensions added than someone with thinner or longer hair. Because of this it is difficult to give accurate quotes over the phone.

Extensions are priced at $165 to $185 per bundle of hair ( Approximately 25 – 30 pieces) An average extension service uses 2 to 5 bundles of hair costing between $330 to $1000. Prices include the hair, instalation and finished cut and style.

Your hair extension service will take two to five hours depending on the number of extensions added. A deposit of one third the total cost is required when you schedule your appointment.

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