Hairstyle Design, Cuts, and Coloring

The latest celebrity “do” isn’t good enough for our clients and you won’t find cookie cutter looks at our salon. We personalize your hairstyle, paying particular attention to your individuality to create your design, cut and color.

We believe that achieving your unique personal beauty need not be a daily struggle. We never fabricate styles that are gone with your next shampoo. Instead, we cut a design into your hair that is simple to recreate on your own.

A great cut and color starts with you

At the Hair Specialists we pride ourselves in fusing your cut and color into a seamless personalized style.

We believe the lines of a perfect haircut point out your best features and the subtlety of perfect color reflects your own personality. Using the angle of your jaw, the shape of your face, the color of your eyes, the tone of your skin, our goal is to create your most complimentary look.

The difference is in the detail

Our method of designing your style considers every detail of your hair. The texture, the condition, the thickness, even the way it grows in the swirls and cowlicks of your head are important clues for your stylist to consider when creating your style. Cut and color are completed with meticulous care and consideration. The desire result combines the precision of a great haircut with healthy colors as vibrant or soft as you desire.

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